About Michael Guild

Hi, my name is Michael Guild. I am a front end developers and web designer in Washington, DC.
I Currently do work with National Geographic, PBS and Celerity as a Sr. Front-End Developer / Consultant.

I’ve started this blog mainly to share my findings with the world instead of being too lazy to share them.

For more information about me, you can just google Michael Guild.


3 thoughts on “About Michael Guild

  1. Hi Michael,
    We connected earlier on Stackoveflow. We are a DC based software firm that develops user friendly software for medical schools and hospitals. We are looking for a great UI developer to come in and provide expertise and leadership in that area! Our team is actually now attending an Event Apart conference. Our VP of Engineering is very interested to talk to you about the opportunity. Please let me know when is a good time so that I can set that up.

    Johanna Fong
    B-Line Medical

      • Hi Michael,
        Your name has come up in a couple conversations recently as one of the best front end developers. Do you have a few minutes for us to talk about your work at Nat Geo?

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