The Honda CRX Project: Struts and Sway Bars

So I did a lot of research online on what the difference between struts and sway bars.

What I discovered is that struts stiffen the car’s overall frame to make it so that the car’s frame doesn’t bend. If you can think of the concept of a saw and how the blade bends around a bit, well, that’s what happens to your car when you hit bumps and such.

Sway bars do exactly what they say, keep you from swaying from side to side. I know that’s not much to say but I really don’t have much to say about them.

Anyways, the reason I am mentioning this is because I found an awesome set on Ebay for roughly 80 bucks total (item and shipping).

After adding this to my car, I noticed a significant difference on how the car turns. All I have to say is how it is freaking AWESOME.

The 5 pc set was a good price but like most things, you get what you paid for. The one bad thing about this set is that it is fully adjustable. I know that sounds awesome to most but it’s not. The more sturdy the better so because it is adjustable, the structure isn’t as sturdy. But hey, it’s awesome for the price and should last me awhile.

You can get this set from this dood:


The Honda CRX Project: Goals and Expectations

I neglected to mention it earlier but I haven’t listed the Goal I am trying to reach with the CRX. So here is my Goal and this is my plan:

My goal is to get my little Street Legal Go-Kart to go fast and hug turns.
I want to have around 300 hp and roughly 200 torque.

So far, after days of researched I’ve devised this plan:

  • Get awesome suspension, sway bars and ect
  • Get Turbo

Currently the car has skunk2 suspension so, it’s already rocking hard and hugging the turns. So the first step is kind of already done.

What I want to do now is get a full turbo kit and stuff.

The Honda CRX Project: Quick Release Steering Wheel Hub

Ok, so I just found the coolest thing!

For everyone that knows, the best in quality for a quick release hub is NRG. They make the best stuff and have been for awhile. But the cool thing is, not for NRG but for us, is that their patent on their quick release hub expired and an other company bought the patent.

It’s called the JDM universal quick release hub and it’s just like NRG! This piece is quality man! And it was only like 30 bucks!

I have to say, this was an awesome find and an awesome alternative towards spending a butt load on an NRG.

When I first got the hub, I examined it and checked the quality. This hub is great, was the first reaction I had. The only thing I thought was lame was how much grease the company left on the hub but whatever. I just wiped it off.

So after installing the hub on my car I took it for a spin and yep, I am a happy camper! There is no play in the steering hub and it works great. So far I am just thinking about how cool it is that I just saved like 50-80 bucks that is going to other parts like a turbonetics wastegate.

I’ll attach more photos later.

Anyhoo, here is a link of the person I bought it off of:

The Honda CRX Project: Going ebay crazy

I’ve been doing a lot of research as of late on ebay products vs proven name brand products for cars.

My concision: Just like everything in life, there is a balance.

Some things from ebay are awesome and others are not. For instance, buying an aem detachable steering wheel from ebay is awesome because its affordable and not complete crap for what you need it to do. Buying an ebay turbo wastegate is a No no due to reliability.

Some things you can buy from ebay and know it won’t be an issue down the road. And others, you can buy from a brand and know it wont fail on you or most likely wont fail.

I will post some other great ebay vs brand name findings.

And btw, for all you flamers out there, what I am trying to say is somethings you can get away with ebay parts and others you shouldn’t dare. But FYI, not all of the ebay stuff is China, you would be surprised to find out how many are Japanese and are quality.

The Honda CRX Project

So I’ve recently bought a fully restored Honda CRX from a friend of mine. He built it from the ground up and restored all the rusted panels and such. Prior to buying his car, I spent about two years looking for a CRX in this condition.

It’s so perfect. Right before I bought the car he had it painted, tuned and etc. It’s a freaking beast of a car. Due to it being ultra light, the car is pretty much a street legal Go-Kart.

Seriously though, it’s been completely stripped. There is no A/C, Power Steering or anything else for that matter. The only thing in the car are the things it needs.

The car came with the following (AWESOME):

  • D16 N/A  on a D16Z6 block
  • Skunk2 full suspension & lowered
  • lower struts
  • cold air intake w/ K&N

So anyhoo, here’s a little about why I am writing this all up and the whole point to this article. I’ve been into the motorcycle scene forever and I’ve never cared to get into the car scene. I always found it kind of dumb to put so much time, money and effort into a car. For instance, for the amount you can put into a car for speed, you could go faster with a stock 600cc bike. Well, that’s what I used to think…and still do, except for the dump part.

Due to my new commute to work, I’ve been doing mostly driving then riding so that’s when I came up with the idea of buying a car that feels like a motorcycle. After buying the car, I started getting crazy thoughts of how I want it to feel as much of a motorcycle as possible.

So long story short, this is my journey to learn, enlighten and get to my goal of having a car that can fulfill my desire for riding as close as possible.