The Honda CRX Project: Struts and Sway Bars

So I did a lot of research online on what the difference between struts and sway bars.

What I discovered is that struts stiffen the car’s overall frame to make it so that the car’s frame doesn’t bend. If you can think of the concept of a saw and how the blade bends around a bit, well, that’s what happens to your car when you hit bumps and such.

Sway bars do exactly what they say, keep you from swaying from side to side. I know that’s not much to say but I really don’t have much to say about them.

Anyways, the reason I am mentioning this is because I found an awesome set on Ebay for roughly 80 bucks total (item and shipping).

After adding this to my car, I noticed a significant difference on how the car turns. All I have to say is how it is freaking AWESOME.

The 5 pc set was a good price but like most things, you get what you paid for. The one bad thing about this set is that it is fully adjustable. I know that sounds awesome to most but it’s not. The more sturdy the better so because it is adjustable, the structure isn’t as sturdy. But hey, it’s awesome for the price and should last me awhile.

You can get this set from this dood:

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