The Honda CRX Project

So I’ve recently bought a fully restored Honda CRX from a friend of mine. He built it from the ground up and restored all the rusted panels and such. Prior to buying his car, I spent about two years looking for a CRX in this condition.

It’s so perfect. Right before I bought the car he had it painted, tuned and etc. It’s a freaking beast of a car. Due to it being ultra light, the car is pretty much a street legal Go-Kart.

Seriously though, it’s been completely stripped. There is no A/C, Power Steering or anything else for that matter. The only thing in the car are the things it needs.

The car came with the following (AWESOME):

  • D16 N/A  on a D16Z6 block
  • Skunk2 full suspension & lowered
  • lower struts
  • cold air intake w/ K&N

So anyhoo, here’s a little about why I am writing this all up and the whole point to this article. I’ve been into the motorcycle scene forever and I’ve never cared to get into the car scene. I always found it kind of dumb to put so much time, money and effort into a car. For instance, for the amount you can put into a car for speed, you could go faster with a stock 600cc bike. Well, that’s what I used to think…and still do, except for the dump part.

Due to my new commute to work, I’ve been doing mostly driving then riding so that’s when I came up with the idea of buying a car that feels like a motorcycle. After buying the car, I started getting crazy thoughts of how I want it to feel as much of a motorcycle as possible.

So long story short, this is my journey to learn, enlighten and get to my goal of having a car that can fulfill my desire for riding as close as possible.

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