The Honda CRX Project: Quick Release Steering Wheel Hub

Ok, so I just found the coolest thing!

For everyone that knows, the best in quality for a quick release hub is NRG. They make the best stuff and have been for awhile. But the cool thing is, not for NRG but for us, is that their patent on their quick release hub expired and an other company bought the patent.

It’s called the JDM universal quick release hub and it’s just like NRG! This piece is quality man! And it was only like 30 bucks!

I have to say, this was an awesome find and an awesome alternative towards spending a butt load on an NRG.

When I first got the hub, I examined it and checked the quality. This hub is great, was the first reaction I had. The only thing I thought was lame was how much grease the company left on the hub but whatever. I just wiped it off.

So after installing the hub on my car I took it for a spin and yep, I am a happy camper! There is no play in the steering hub and it works great. So far I am just thinking about how cool it is that I just saved like 50-80 bucks that is going to other parts like a turbonetics wastegate.

I’ll attach more photos later.

Anyhoo, here is a link of the person I bought it off of:

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