The Honda CRX Project: Going ebay crazy

I’ve been doing a lot of research as of late on ebay products vs proven name brand products for cars.

My concision: Just like everything in life, there is a balance.

Some things from ebay are awesome and others are not. For instance, buying an aem detachable steering wheel from ebay is awesome because its affordable and not complete crap for what you need it to do. Buying an ebay turbo wastegate is a No no due to reliability.

Some things you can buy from ebay and know it won’t be an issue down the road. And others, you can buy from a brand and know it wont fail on you or most likely wont fail.

I will post some other great ebay vs brand name findings.

And btw, for all you flamers out there, what I am trying to say is somethings you can get away with ebay parts and others you shouldn’t dare. But FYI, not all of the ebay stuff is China, you would be surprised to find out how many are Japanese and are quality.

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